An ISO 9001:2000 certified company catering to the farmers with premium range of agriculture equipments, Paddy Thresher, Wheat Thresher....

Bharat Steel Discs

An ISO 9001:2000 certified company catering to the farmers with premium range of agriculture equipments, Paddy Thresher, Wheat Thresher....

About Us

Mechanization has become something indispensable in the Agricultural sector. Agricultural mechanization is essential for enhancing farming capability and higher productivity. Bharat Steel Discs, since 1960, has been catering for the farmers with high-quality farming implements. We are a leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter and wholesaler of a wide range of equipment such as Double Lift Land Leveller, Heavy Duty spring loaded cultivator, Discs Plough, Offset Disc Harrow (Trailing Type), ITCI spring loaded cultivator, Paddy Thresher, Wheat Thresher, Multi Crop Thresher, Mounted M. B Plough, Zero Tillage Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill, Winnower Fan, Bund Maker , Paddy Transplanter, Inter Cultivator Power Weeder, Inter Cultivator Power Tiller, Paddy Harrow, Hydraulic Mounted Disc Harrow, Rotavator, Self Propelled Reaper, Rotary Slasher ( Shrub Master), Brush Cutter, Agriculture Post Hole Digger, Chain saw etc. Our high-efficiency Agricultural implements, available in both standard and bespoke configurations at the best market prices, are sold under the brand name of "Bharat"

The base of the company's success over the years is based on the deep insight into the economic situations and industry's demands, and the expertise to transform them into an innovative and high-performance equipment by means of Research & Development. Housing a large team of specialist engineers and technically sound personnel, the company has been proposed to acquire leading-edge technology including Paddy Thrasher. The years to come would see the introduction of several other innovative vehicles, all rooted in emerging customer needs. Bharat Steel Discs is committed with ardent spirit towards Corporate Social Responsibility.

Product Range

For ensuring the efficient & highly productive harvesting of all crops in any condition, take a look through our range of products. The tractors driven agricultural implement produced by Bharat Steel Discs offer a huge mileage and maximum output for a diverse range of tasks. High output, flexibility and comfort are all key features in our range of farming equipment, which are suitable for efficiently performing varied farming processes for growing a multitude of crops. Our implements offer straightforward, hassle-free cultivation and harvesting with high productivity and consistent durability. Bharat Steel Discs is an eminent manufacturer, supplier, exporter and wholesaler of an ingenious range of Agriculture Equipment & Implements which are as follows:

Disc Harrow

Offset Disc Harrow (Trailing Type)

ITCI spring loaded cultivator

M.F. Type Disc Harrow


Wheat Thresher

Paddy Thresher

Haramba Thresher (Cutter Type

Multi Crop Thresher


Spring Loaded ITCI Type Heavy Duty Tiller

Rigid Duty Tiller

Extra Heavy Duty Bracket Fitted Tiller

Rigid M.F. Type Tiller

Spring Loaded M.F. Type Tiller

Rotavator Tiller

Other Implements

Double Lift Land Leveller

Tipping Type Tractor Trailer

Non-Tipping Tractor Trailer

heavy duty rigid cultivator

Discs Plough

These products find wide applications in agriculture, horticulture, gardening and in related fields.

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